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Pleated Masks with Ear Band

Filtration - 98% -  Equivalent or Better than Surgical Mask

Provides Self Disinfecting Features of DuraprotPlus Technology 

Deactivates >99.99% Virus & Bacteria on Surface

Pleated with Higher Face Coverage

Wear for 30 - 45 days

Washable 10 times

Hydrophobic - splash resistance equivalent



For Non-Medical Use Only

Duraprot & DuraprotPlus are Registered Trademark of IIT Bombay

Manufactured under License from IIT Bombay by Meemansa, India


Each Mask is Numbered for Identification and Traceability


Eco-N98 Masks (20)

  • Size - 7.5" x 3.75" 

    Tested with labs of international repute for self disinfecting efficacy of virus and bacteria

    Material - Cotton

    Fitment - Ear Band

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